Tusk&Cardinal + SamuelRose

This first collaboration between Tusk & Cardinal and Samuel Rose is a perfect mix. Lindsey of Tusk & Cardinal creates works of art on fabric and her medium is thread, tool is a hand needle. She is a fiber artists and hand embroidery is her forte. All the pieces are cut and sewed by Samuel Rose in his classic linens and random finds. 

The construction is fine and the embroidery is finer. 

Needle is power

...well it can make cool stuff

Beauty emerges from the tiniest of places with the smallest details. T&C and Samuel didn't need to talk much about the initial designs, they just came naturally. The wolf on the grey linen hat, rabbit on green silk and the cactus on dull shades of pinks and green twill all have something natural exploding out of themselves.

Flowers, birds, plants + animals.

Linen, waxed cotton, twill + leather.   

1 grey linen 5 panel camper cap with hand embroidered wolf 

1 dark green linen 5 panel camper hat with hand embroidered rabbit

1 south western print 6 panel baseball cap with hand embroidered cactus

1 white cotton women's caftan with flower embroidered into the sholder

Moroccan Rugs Repurposed

One day my friend Ali rings the bell and lugs a large Kaleen on the table. He says it's made of cactus silk and shows me the details, which are lovely and unique. He asked what I could make and I told him I would start with a duffel. We recorded our first footage for a series I am working on where I film encounters similar to this one. 

However beautiful this rug would have dressed any floor we wanted to make something else from it. Ali has a store where he sales vintage and new (all authentic and handmade) Moroccan rugs. There are many types of Moroccan rugs but this particular type, a kaleem, is a great thickness and texture for baggage. Its both durable and beautiful. The main color is a light brown dirt color that looks silver in some lights. There are lines of different shades of yellow, a little orange and some teals.  

This first set is just the start of some fun projects ahead.

Let me know what you think of the set and contact me if you are interested in any custom baggage and other carry items for yourself.

Moroccan Rug Travel set


...and beautiful